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Our Sunday Service is at 10 AM and

our Mid-Week Service is on Thursdays at 6 PM.


These times are special because we get to worship Jesus together as the body of Christ.


By spending time together we are reminded that being in communion with one another makes life better and reminds us that there is no need to live it in solitude and isolation.

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If you are in Middle School or High School come hang out with us! Here where you will learn more about Jesus and what God has created you to be. 


God wants to use you! Yes! You! In your home, school and community. Come, Learn, Live, Walk, and Teach the world around you that life was designed by God to be lived fully.


Join our Bible Study every Friday at 6:30 PM and invite someone else to live to the fullest as well.


Contact: Diego Delucio


This is a 1 hour class on the last Sunday of each month, for anyone who is new to the IPDG family.


Here you will be introduced to the biblical foundations and foundations of our ministry.

You will have the opportunity to learn how we work, meet our leadership and you will be able to know the ministries available to you and your family from the youngest to the oldest.


This class is for those who want to develop God's gifts in their life. Here you will learn how to volunteer, serve and participate.


Contact: Nery Lugo


Join our bible studies for women and girls 12 years and up. The focus to show each woman and girl that in every stage of their life they can enjoy their unique and specific calling. Here you will learn to serve where God has positioned you while trusting in Him.


God has a purpose for you, in every moment of your life! That is very exciting, because in Christ you never stop being indispensable.

You are valuable! And you were designed and equipped for this moment and for this time.

In Christ you are truly free to live!


Follow us on Instagram @vivencias.seasons

Contact: Rubi Delucio

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